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Will I be able to buy sleepers or couchettes on the night train from Krakow to Prague?

We will arrive at Krakow main train station on the early morning of 5/27/2015 and would like to buy two tickets for the night train to Prague for 5/29/2015. We prefer to have sleepers or couchettes. Does any one know whether we will have a problem to get the night train tickets only two days in advance?

I searched the Internet but could not find a website for the official Polish railways that sells the international tickets. It seems that only domestic tickets are sold. If anyone knows a web site that sells the tickets between Krakow and Prague, please share with me. I know there are some travel agencies that could help to get the tickets. But they seem to charge unreasonable fees.


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The Man in Seat 61 recommends booking with Polrail Service.

The night train sleeper frequently sells out in the summer season, so pre-booking is recommended.

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We are going to travel from Krakow to Prague on 8 May; I had a lot of trouble finding a good connection. I read that it would be hard to sleep on the train because it makes numerous stops, plus it took longer than we wanted to spend. I stumbled across We are leaving Krakow at 0800, and we will arrive at 1400. It is costing 52 euros total for both my wife and me. You might want to take a look at it.

If you want, I can relate our experience to you. Also, we are staying at Ron's Rainbow Guest House which is reasonable and had very good reviews. Ron is apparently really helpful; he emailed me to find out when I will arrive so that he can be there to greet us; he also sent detailed instructions of how to get there. BTW, the Guest House is gay friendly, but everyone is welcome.

If you really want to take the train, I think that I can find my way back to a site that I checked.

Best of luck,

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Thanks for the information. I'll appreciate if you could tell me the website that you bought the tickets from.

I know there are quite a few trains going from Krakow to Prague every day. Most of them requires 1 or 2 changes. The only direct train is the night train, leaving at 10 PM. I learned that tickets for sleepers or couchettes might be sold out at the peak tourist season, but 2nd class tickets should be available all the time.

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I agree with Podroznik, that you should book this train ahead. You can buy these through EurAide - It's a German company with an office in Boston. They need 3 weeks for processing and shipping, so you are cutting it close. Check out their website for contact information as well as a list of night trains with estimated prices. Cost varies wth type of comparment you choose. For example, on the Krakow-Prague night train a 2-person sleeper compartment is 95 euro per person, a bed in ashared 6-person couchette are 79 euro per person. They will charge a booking fee and shipping cost, as these are sent to you from Germany.

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I would not buy tickets from if I have other choices. This must be a travel agency which charges higher fees than a regular price. For example, I bought a night train ticket between Budapest and Krakow and cost me 39 euro from Hungarian National Railways. But it would cost 107 euro plus shipping if I purchase the same ticket from

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Hey Jimbobob,
Can you talk a bit more about I was going to do the night train as well, but this looks amazingly cheap on their website. How does it work, and why does it take so long?

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Consider using for a quicker and cheaper trip. I found them surfing the net and took a chance. It worked out very well for us - professionally run and they will respond to individual questions via e-mail. You take a Tiger Express van to Ostrava where you catch the train to Prague. Very efficient and reasonable w/good service.