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Which direction is best to visit Poland.

I am going to Poland starting around September 17 for about two weeks. The main cities I am going to, not including, side trips, are Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk. In what order should I go to these cities, keeping in mind if it will be getting colder, is it best to start with the furthest city in the north, Gdansk?


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IMO they're not that far apart that it makes a difference. I would base the direction on where you are coming from and where you are going to from there.

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I visited Poland in the first two weeks of September 2009 and I didn´t really noticed a difference between Krakow and Gdansk, well anyway not that it would be to my opinion a concern where to start. The weather was still pleasant for the time of the year.

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The main reason for going north to south is that you'll have saved the best for last ...the beautiful city of Krakow.

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Krakow is beautiful. IMHO Gdansk is no less beautiful. To say truth I was surprised by beauty of Gdansk. To me it seems even more beautiful than Krakow.

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I was there this May and since I planned to end up in Prague and could fly direct from Warsaw but not Krakow, I started with Krakow, then took the train to Warsaw with a day trip to Gdansk, then a short, cheap flight on LOT to Prague. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Poland, spent 4 days each in Krakow and Warsaw and felt that it was a decent amount of time to see the important things and wander a bit, though more time would have been great, too. I liked both equally, hard to pick a favorite. Poland seemed full of European tourists and that was much preferable to the American glut in Prague. You can see the highlights in Gdansk in a full day but there's quite a lot more in the surrounding area--I definitely plan to return. I posted a trip report if you want more detail and glowing words about the beauty of Poland and the lovely, kind people there.

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I would suggest going to Gdansk after seeing Warsaw, spend at least three full days in Gdansk to get a good overview. After spending four full days there, I wish I had had another day to add to my stay in Gdansk, a very interesting place historically, geographically too.

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We were in Poland around the same time of year (mid to end of September) a few years ago. The weather was very nice the whole time, and I didn't notice a big difference in temperatures between the north and the south.

We flew into Warsaw and spent a couple of days there, then went up to Gdansk and made our way back down to Krakow. It worked very well that way, but I can't say that it would have been any different if we would have gone the other direction.

When you are in Krakow, be sure to take a side trip to Zakopane. It's a beautiful mountain town.

I hope you enjoy Poland as much as we did. We will actually be going back this October and can't wait!