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Warsaw walking tour of Jewish area

Any recommendations of a walking (or not) tour of the Jewish area of Warsaw? I was sure I had seen one here but couldn't find it. Some of you are very active posters! This can be "free" or paid, and can include other things, but I'd like to focus on Jewish history/culture of Warsaw. Many of the tours I find are private, which is a budget hit for one person, and I prefer going with other people since they usually have better questions than I do.

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I was in Poland in May of this year. I visited three cities: Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw. In all three cities I went on walks that were offered by Walkative tours. All the walks were excellent and the tour guides were knowledgeable. I did not specifically do a walk of Jewish Warsaw although one of the walks I went on passed the area where the ghetto was located. I have no doubt that the tour of Jewish Warsaw offered by Walkative would be as good as the walks I went on. I visited Polin, the museum that celebrates the history of the Jewish people in Poland which I highly recommend. I do not think you have to bother to book online. The day that I visited I had a timed entry ticket but there was only a very short queue waiting in the ticket area.
Approximately 10 euros seemed to be a reasonable amount to offer as payment or tip.

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Thank you, Istva. Can I call you Istva? Did you book ahead with Walkative? They do have one that looks just right.

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That must be the outfit I used also. Walkative wasn't in their name then (2 years ago), but the website is the same. I took two of their tours in Warsaw and the Jewish tour in Krakow. All were excellent - the Krakow one was the best.

When I took the tour, the route ended at the Schindler Factory Museum. I had a pre-ordered ticket and spent the afternoon in the museum.