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Warsaw to Venice: Air or Rail?

I will be going with another person one-way from Warsaw to Venice next summer and can't quite decide on the best way: by air or by rail.

By rail seems to be the cheaper option, but I'm very inexperienced with European trains and have found several different websites, some that encompass multiple countries and then some that are country specific. The prospect of a train trip is exciting and I don't mind an overnight trip.

I have looked around and done some research but I'm having trouble finding actual advice that isn't from the businesses themselves who obviously want people to book with them. I'm just looking for some advice from real people unaffiliated with the rail companies who have traveled in the Poland to Italy region.

Thank you!

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I see from my research there is no big difference in price. But you would be better off flying Warsaw to Venice
or Warsaw to Bologna and then taking the train.

There are too many train changes from Warsaw to Venice and it will take 16 hours. The flight is only 2 hours.

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I love a good train ride, but for this one I recommend flying. Unless you have several days to stop along the way.

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I guess it depends on how much time you have, and would like to take for the journey, and if you want to stop along the way.

The 12:45 Warszawa Centralna to Wien (Vienna) Hbf gets you into Vienna in time for dinner and a little over 90 minutes to change trains - or do you want to build in a 24 hour visit to Vienna and continue 24 hours later? Then the overnight sleeper with no further changes leaves Vienna at 21:27 and arrival at the Grand Canal the next morning at 8:24.

If that fits with your plans and you want to do it I don't see a lot of problem with that route. Or a couple of hours in a plane, plus some getting to the departure airport and and some more getting into the city of Venice by bus, boat, or taxi.....

I'd do whichever fits you and your lifestyle....

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Thank you everyone for your replies! I was so busy looking at train information that I assumed flying would be far more expensive however, this was totally not the case. I appreciate all of your help!

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It can be done by train, very easily, changing twice with time to spare, I would.

Take Warsaw to Vienna by night or day train, then Vienna to Munich day train, ca 4+ hrs, then Munich to Venice on the EN night train, direct, arriving ca 08:30 hrs.