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warsaw - krakow - wroclaw - prague

Planning a trip through Warsaw - Krakow - Wroclaw - Prague in a few weeks. Does anyone have tips on getting from Wroclaw to Prague? I am torn between bus and train, has anyone experienced these

We are planning to travel by train between the other cities, do we need to book these tickets in advance? And would it be possible to do Auschwitz on the way from Krakow to Wroclaw?

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I would pick the option that costs the least, is most direct, and takes less time...try Polski Bus, it will take 4 hours 20 min and the price is very low, especially if you book ahead ( Prague is "Praga" in Polish. Baggage goes under the bus. There are very likely other long distance bus companies running that route...just use Google to find (Polski Bus is the only one I'm familiar with). I don't know how long the train takes, but either option would work. I don't think you'll find many Auschwitz to Wroclaw direct options because Auschwitz isn't a hub in the same way that Krakow is. Of course if you had a rental car, you could be as flexible as you want (the only downside of course if parking and cost of gas). I would be prepared to make the trip from Krakow directly in case you don't find other options.

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PolskiBus is one of the worst options for Krakow-Prague travel. The seats are crammed in the bus, and it is sure to be full and uncomfortable.

Either take the train all the way, or take the bus/train combination offered by LeoExpress. Polrail Service lists both options, so you can compare.

With regard to domestic train tickets in Poland, it's also best to book in advance, as the fares are lower with early booking.

Oswiecim is not on the way from Krakow to Wroclaw. You'd be best to do that as a side trip from Krakow.

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As I see on, by train - from Wrocław to Prague only with a change in Katowice. You will have an opportunity to visit a center of Upper Silesian urban area, the largest urban area in Poland. Then you can reach Auschwitz by train from Katowice and have earlier direct way from Cracow to Wrocław. To see Auschwitz on the website of Polish State Railways (above), put Polish name of the town of Oświęcim.