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Using a Polish rail pass for the express train from Krakow to Warsaw

If I have a Polish Rail pass is it worth booking the express train travel from Krakow to Warsaw with a service such as Polrail?
I'll be traveling from Prague to Krakow and I'll only be in Krakow for 3 nights, before having to leave for Warsaw. Would that be enough time to book an express train?

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Thank you. With my limited time in some of the places I will be visiting I try to plan as much as I could but I also don't want to be paying for something I don't have to pay additional for.

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Seat reservations are NOT free on EIP Premium trains, which make up most of the services on the Krakow/Warsaw/Gdansk corridor. Pass holders must pay supplement of 43PLN/seat/segment.

Rail passes are not a good deal in Poland. You are much better to book individual tickets, and you can save money by book early, as there are various promotions. You'll pay the highest price if you book at the station on the day of travel.