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Trip to Poland

Hello guys,
I'm considering a trip to Poland. First of all I'd like to know what do you think about Poles? Have you ever been to Poland? How was that? I just want to know is it worth the time.

Thanks for all the replies.

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I have been to Poland: Krakow, Wieliczka, Oswiecim, Zakopane, nearby Morskie Oko, Katowice, Klodzko, Nisa, Glucholazy, Paczkow, Nisa Lake, Otmuchow Lake. End of May beginning of June I will be in Warszawa, Malbork, Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Hel and surroundings. So obviously I like it in Poland. My knowledge of Poles is only on the surface because to know them better I would have to speak Polish. But they are nice and polite. Now, Lukasz, I have a question too. Your name sounds Polish. Somewhere deep in my brain there is a little suspicion that you yourself are a Pole who wants to know what Americans are thinking about his country and people. If I am right you don't have to admit publicly, just send me a PM. If I am not right I apologize ahead and please let us know few more details like is it your first trip to Europe. Where do you live. What your interests are and our advice could be better then.

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Yes, I have been to Poland as a result of traveling in Europe, took three trips by train to/in Poland, 2001, 2003 , and 2005. From the date of the last trip, it looks about time to do another trip. Admittedly, I had real doubts going there but found they were totally groundless, stupid, etc. after the 2001 trip to Warsaw and Krakow. The places I visited were Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Malbork, Torun and Chelmno, all with the exception of Warsaw in western Poland. (relatively), spent 3-5 nights in each of the cities, making day trips to Malbork and Chelmno.

" it worth the time." That depends uppermost on your interests. For me as to being worthy of time/energy/ etc... absolutely,... good cheap food, very nice and helpful people, Each time I went back I could see the infrastructure improving, ie improved train stations, etc. I did things that were beyond my imagination until I got there, such as a short boat ride on the Vistula, taking the long train ride along the Baltic coast from Szczecin to Gdansk (to and fro).

How much time are you giving your trip to Poland? I would say a minimum of 3 weeks so that you can cover a number of towns/cities without feeling time pressed.