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Treblinka Poland

My wife and I want to visit Treblinka while we are in Warsaw. Can you get there easily by train? We won't have a car and guided tours seem to be pretty expensive.


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No, definitely not on a train line...your only choices are renting a car or hiring a driver or taking a tour. By the way, driving outside of Warsaw is not difficult. Alternatively, many folks on this forum highly recommend the services of Andrew Durman (you can Google his info).

"Treblinka remains a backwater town, and as such travellers are going to struggle to reach it. Put simply, either hire a car and fire up the GPS, or contact a Warsaw-based tour companies, most of which will be happy to tailor a visit for you. Alternatively, hire a six person minibus for 250zł – call 604 89 63 97 for further details."

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I would recommend that you contact Andrew Durman to guide you. We spent several days with him last summer and he is phenomenal! Andrew is passionate about his country, a wealth of information and his prices are incredibly reasonable. We left Poland with a new friend! His services are in great demand and he books up early.

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Trains go as far as Małkinia Górna (1h 10m or 1h 35m) and that town does have taxi operators to cover the last 5 kilometers. (I don't know anyone who's tried that.)

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I visited Treblinka with a private guide. I didn't pay much attention to how she got there, but it seemed off the beaten track, certainly not in a town. Another thing to consider: The displays in the small museum/visitor center there had very limited English attached. My guide was able to give me a much better understanding of what happened at Treblinka than I would have been able to glean from the displays on my own. She also asked them to show me a video of a survivor that I would not have been aware of. The cost of my guide's services was well worth it.

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Has anyone had any problems through TSA carrying smart phone battery packs in your carry on luggage?

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You might want to post your question re battery packs under “General Europe” rather than “Treblinka Poland”. You would probably get more responses.

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Spare batteries (Lithium Ion) that are not in the device they are designed to power must be transported in carry on luggage, and can not be checked. I always make sure the terminals are covered with electrical tape and each battery is in a plastic bag.

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I've visited Treblinka but travel by motorhome. As someone else said it's a "backwater".....pretty damn remote and you need wheels to get there! I will always remember it for two things. At the end of the road approaching Treblinka i spotted a Garage with the lowest priced fuel i'd ever seen in Poland.....and i'd got a full tank! No problem, fuel is cheap anyway in Poland.

The other i remember, the weather was absolutely boiling hot and half way round the site i got bitten on the leg by a horse fly or something. Whatever it was i couldn't stop the blood pouring so had to go back to my van to get it covered over!