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too hot in July?

Am considering a trip next July 2020. 3 weeks at least touring the country. 2 questions...
1 - would you rent a car for the trip or rely on train travel
2 - is July oppressively hot and sticky? Should we consider another month to travel?

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Jeff which country do you plan on touring next July?

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I assume Poland as you posted in that forum. A friend just came home from Warsaw. Over 30C. You want AC.

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July should be ok, I've been in Poland during that time and I would certainly not characterize July as oppressively hot and sticky, of course it's humid with the odd heatwave or two but nothing too serious, just know that air conditioning is not very prevalent in Poland.

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If you are could go in May or September, that would be nicer. As far as train vs. driving, it depends whether you want to see places that are less efficiently (or not served) by public transport. Most tourists just go to the major cities, in which case no car is needed. Rural and out of the way areas are better accessed with a car. Driving in Poland is not hard.

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Each time I have been in Poland staying and visiting the major urban centers, in 2001, '03, and 2005 Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk , Torun , it was in July. There was no AC...don't expect that.

Prepare yourself for hot weather, expect it to be hot. I always took the train , except on one day trip from Torun, I took the bus, ca one hour each way.

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Although northern Poland, especially, might be cool and damp, there are no guarantees these days. I spent five weeks in Poland last summer and booked air conditioned rooms everywhere. I am a budget traveler but consider a/c mandatory for a July trip to that area unless I'm booking only a day or two in advance and have access to a reliable weather forecast showing clearly-comfortable temperatures.

Edited to add:

You can see actual, day-by-day, temperatures for key cities going back about ten years on I highly recommend doing that research for your chosen destinations so you'll know how cool or hot it might actually be. Do not rely on monthly averages alone.