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Tipping in Poland

I have a read a few varying reports on tipping in Poland. Some saying just round up your bill to nearest dollar. Others saying round up to nearest 5 or 10 percent. Any rules there for dining, taxis and hotels?

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Larry, no replies yet so I'll chime in. Locals (unanimously - and I like to ask these questions) told us that tipping beyond a round-up was a foreign intrusion. Not something they do, but servers are learning to expect it from big-spending wealthy Americans. Rounding up (zloty, not dollars) was partially to avoid excessive small change. I did tip some hotel people American-style who did favors for us. The motivation was to reward exceptional service, not subsidize wages.

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Hi Larry,
It probably depends on who you discuss this with :)
All my friends (and myself) tip restaurant waiters 10% of the bill. It's European standard. We all live in a city, work in the office, travel a lot, etc.
However, there are also many people who think that it's not necessary to tip waiters or taxi drivers.
General conclusion: the more Pole travels, the bigger tips he leaves ;)
You can check this website for more insights about Polish lifestyle:

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Thank you. Heading to Warsaw in 15 minutes, Looking forward to it. Appreciate your help!