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Tipping in Krakow.

I will be making my first trip to Poland and wondering what the tipping policy is for restaurants, taxis, and hotels. Have heard numbers all over the place.

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Lew I was advised by locals not to tip except for very exceptional servce, and even then it was best just to round up to an even amount of Zloty. Servers, etc, seem to appreciate not having to make small change, US style tipping seems to be expected in business class hotels, however.

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Good question. Yes the answer is all over the map. Just like the quality of service. As someone who eats out often in Warsaw I usually just round up leaving 2-3pln. If you have in a higher class place might go with the 10% rule on the bill. Some of the servers really work for it so be generous esp if you are just on vacation. They dont make a lot as hourly wage earners. In Warsaw most of your waitress are students trying to get by.

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Very interesting. When I was in Krakow, I asked this question of two people who worked at my hotel. The first said 10%. The second said it wasn't a set percentage - "whatever you feel like giving." I asked what a local would do - still no more helpful answer. I gave specific examples: locals in New York City tip 18-20%, while locals in Italy tip nothing, and other places were in between, so I needed at least some guidance. Even with that, he really was not able to give a figure, or even an approximation.

Faced with this, I just gave 10% (sometimes a bit less).