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Tipping Guides

I am very excited to be going to Poland in just three weeks for my first international trip since COVID hit. While on vacation, I have booked two different guides, one in Gdansk and one in Puck. Is it customary to tip guides in Poland? If so, how much is appropriate for a day?

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We did tip our tour guide on an all day genealogy tour. He picked us up at our hotel with his car and drove us to the town where my grandfather had been born. He had arranged for someone from the parish church there to give us a tour of the church. He also drove us to the cemetery and inquired about grave sites related to my ancestors. He drove us to a couple other neighboring towns with connections to my family. We never could have done it on our own with our limited Polish. I think we gave him $100, which may have been overly generous, but we really appreciated all his effort.

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IMO if your guide provides you with a great experience, then they should be tipped no matter what country you are visiting. 10-15% would be my absolute minimum. If you can afford to travel internationally and to hire a guide then you should not question whether or not to tip them.

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Were you pleased with your guide in Gdańsk? If so, please share their name and contact information. We are heading there in two weeks. We will be looking for a guide and driver to go to the Malbork Castle.

Any restaurant recommendations?


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Hi Denise!

I hired two different guides while in the area, Andrzej Falkowski ( for a guided walking tour of Gdansk, and Ewelina Danecka ( for a tour of Puck. I highly recommend both of them! Both do tours of Malbork. In Gdansk, we ate at Restauracja Zielone Drzwi and had some amazing fish there. You can't miss a lunch or dinner at Bar Pod Ryba which has amazing potato dishes.