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St. Mary's Altarpiece/Krakow/Saturdays

Will only be in Krakow on a weekend. Confusion about whether the 11:50 a.m. daily opening of the incredible altarpiece at St. Mary's occurs on Saturdays. Website says "weekdays" but then also discusses Sunday. No mention of Saturday. Do you know?

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This is all I found on the website

Additional information
St. Mary’s Chur­ch is open to indi­vi­du­al
visi­tors and touri­st gro­ups eve­ry day when no Mass is being
con­duc­ted. Half of the chur­ch is open to touri­sts, inc­lu­ding the
pres­by­te­ry and its main altar. Admis­sion to this part of the
Basi­li­ca is based on admis­sion tic­kets. The second part of the
chur­ch with the main entran­ce is limi­ted to per­so­nal pray­er in
front of the Eucha­ri­st exhi­bi­ted in the mon­stran­ce and to

Tours of St. Mary’s Tower
From April the 1st to Octo­ber 31 Entran­ces from Tues­days to
Satur­days: 9:10 AM – 5:30 PM (eve­ry 30 minu­tes) /​ Bre­ak from
11:30 AM to 1:10 PM

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A lot of Europe includes Saturday in the "weekdays." Rick's guidebook (published June, 2015) says that it's open daily.