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RS Poland Tour?

FYI, contributor Deb K mentioned in the thread about RS 2020 tours that Rick Steves said, in a recent podcast, that they are working on a Poland tour. He says 10-12 days. No mention of when it will be available, or whether they will be doing a Poland guidebook to go along with it as well. Anybody have any insight, please step up.

This is good news for some of us, and I wonder if the number of times it has come up on tour wishlist discussions here on the forum may have contributed.

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During the RS Travel Expo and Tour Guide Test Drive in Edmonds, Washington this past January, several conversations popped up at our table concerning "What's Next". A Poland tour was high on the anticipation list,
although, at that time, I knew of no serious conversations on that topic in the RS ranks. However, I think Cameron Hewitt may be leading that charge. I'm hoping it comes to be - with more offerings in true "Eastern Europe" (Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania etc.) .

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The tour is not planned for 2020, but likely 2021. To keep it to a popular length, the route does not happen to visit places not already in the books - either the Eastern Europe or the Poland Snapshot versions, both new editions out now. A new Poland book won't necessarily happen, or not on the same timeline.

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Thanks for the info Laura. This is helpful for long-term planning.