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RS BOEE Auschwitz Tour

Does anyone know under what circumstances the BOEE tour w/RS wouldn't go to Auschwitz? It says 'when possible.' So I'm just wondering under what circumstances we wouldn't go so that I can either book it on my own which would need to be done several months ahead (I have been twice but my tour mates haven't and my sister would especially like to visit) or have a backup plan in mind for that day. Thanks!

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Day 5: Lessons of the Past
This day takes on a very different tone, as we visit the concentration camp site of Auschwitz-Birkenau (when available),

Definitely a question for the RS staff.

Anyone else is just going to be guessing the what/why of the qualifying language

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From the Auschwitz/Birkenau website. "The Museum may also be closed temporarily during official state visits, ceremonies, etc. Information about interruptions to visiting are posted ahead of time on the website".

Maybe their tours have run into this at some time and that's why the disclaimer.

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Just like individuals, organized groups now must reserve Auschwitz visits, with space limited and booking available starting 90 days in advance. While our staff will make every effort to secure reservations, access can’t be guaranteed. If this becomes an issue for your travel date, you’ll be alerted in your tour documents.