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Quick Trip to Warsaw

I will be in Warsaw for business in May, and may have about half a day to see some sites. Any suggestions for the must-see sites in the city? I am fine with walking, and enjoy old vs. modern. Has anyone been to the Warsaw Uprising Museum? Or toured the Warsaw Ghetto area? Thanks!

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rachel where are you staying? The walk along the Royal Way to the Old Town square is as good a stroll as it gets. The Uprising Museum is excellent. There is not much to see of the ghetto ( I think only a small section of one wall remains standing), since the whole city was destroyed, but I think the new Holocaust museum is now open.

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I thought the Uprising Museum was worthwhile. Make sure to see the 3D film "City of Ruins" there. It is a short film of a flyover Warsaw in 1945 and to see the devastation makes it hard to believe you are in the same city. There is a version on youtube, but seeing it in 3D after walking around the city really makes an impression.

Also, I really enjoyed walking around the old town. It is all a reconstruction, but they really did a nice job.

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I have lived on and off in Warsaw since 2011. The two replies before me were pretty spot on I think, If you have half a day and the weather is decent do the walk into old town. Here is a good guide with suggested route . Guide is also in many hotels for free and in the Empik book stores.
Depending on where you hotel is you could start off with the Uprising Museum. It has lots to see but could do a good look in an hour. Then if you are bold take a from Uprising Museum tram to National Museum stop (big palm tree and statue of Degaul) and walk north up Nowy Swiat to Old Town. Really easy and takes 10 min.

Good luck.

Ill be back in Warsaw by May feel free to pm me any questions.


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The Warsaw Rising Museum is unique - well attended by school children on field trips, more interactive than many museums, and very easy to navigate.

When I was in Warsaw last year, the Jewish Museum was not yet completed, but it may be open now. There are several important monuments to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and a walking route with markers for the events of the uprising. The most poignant, to me, is the stone monument at Mila 18.