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Questions on booking Krawaw to Warsaw via

I'm trying to book a train from krw to to warsaw.
I found the train that I want which is the EIP 3504 at 11:38 am
3 questions about seats and pricing

  1. if I pick first class, the main screen says 139 zl each but when I get to the next page and I pick first class, it comes to about 458 zl + 33.00 zl(Am I missing something ?)

  2. The seats that the website is picking for me are not next to each other. Sometimes it gives me one behind another and some other times the seats are far from each other. Is there a way to pick my own seats or at least have them together?

  3. If I pick second class the prices goes way down.Like 98zl for 2 people.
    So I'm thinking is there really so much difference in service or being comfortable so that I should pick first vs second class?

Thanks for any input from people who have had used this train.

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1/ Probably cheaper tickets are sold out. 229zł is the regular price per person in 1st class.

By the way, PTU33,93zł does not mean +33,93zł. PTU is VAT and it's included in the price, do not add it to the 458

2/ No, there is no way you can pick you own seats in the online system but are you reading the seating plan correctly?
There is a possibility though that if the price has already gone up to the regular fare, the first class is busy and there are no more seats next to each other. There are only 45 seats in 1st class as compared with 350 in 2nd class, and with 2+1 rows there are not that many seats next to each other. Normally the system allocates seats next to each other or facing each other (table seats) without any problems.

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Thank for your reply.
I just bought my tickets 1st class but it was a little bit confusing; however I'm happy with my selection.

The pricing was strange because ,
The main screen showed 1st class price from 139 zl.
I didn't pick anything additional.
If I entered 1 passenger it was giving me 139,00 zł SuperPromo - najlepsza oferta ,
but if I changed to 2 persons then I got Price: 458,00 zł Cena bazowa which is the normal (229 price x 2).
I don't understand why if there was only 1 seat available at 139 price then it should have been 139 + 229.
Also this is for June 5, and it just started being available and I doubt there are few seats available.
(I just checked again and now the pricing for that train starts at 229)

As far as the seating I was getting different choices if I tried multiple times , the numbers were consecutive but looking at the seat map, those seats where single seats one in front of the other or in different rows like
61,62 or 31,32 or even 25,22 which are completely opposite rows.

Then I tried picking an option on the "Kind of Coach" to "Non compartment coach at table" and bingo, I got 41,42 which are facing each other in a single row of seats. So I picked those.
The site that I used to see the map was
which is the same as the one you showed me above.
Once again thank for your reply.