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Quarantine rules

My husband will be working in Poland this spring for up to a year... Hopefully I’ll be able to travel with him. Assuming we fly from PDX to ORD, and then to Warsaw... will we be required to quarantine in Warsaw or will we be allowed to travel via train to Kraków where our apartment awaits us? Thanks for any help. I’ve scoured travel and embassy sites but have found no specific clarification. And... when we return will we be required to quarantine in Chicago?

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When in the spring? Everything is in flux, and COVID restrictions that currently exist may be totally different a month, or even a week from now. Instead of just websurfing, phone the Polish embassy for accurate information that is specific to your case.

As for your return, nobody, and I mean even the CDC, nobody knows what the situation will be a year from now.

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The only reasonably sure bet is time is on your side, in that the situation will steadily improve but how fast.

I think April makes sense, and the third quarter even better.

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The US has never had an enforced mandatory quarantine so I highly doubt you will have any issues returning (may still need a negative test to enter but who knows). Usually you quarantine where you will be leaving the airport. If you’re just connecting, you won’t need to quarantine. But some countries have slightly tricky rules with which countries you’re allowed to travel through.

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You need to check with the authorities. Your husband may be permitted to travel, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that you would be permitted too if your trip is non essential.

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What Jennifer said — and simply that it is highly likely/or quite possible that the rules in April may well be different than the rules in place now (in any event, you have to assume that they can change).

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Unless you are planning to spend time in Warsaw before going on to Krakow, to be on the safe side, it'd be better to fly to Krakow, even if that means changing planes again in Warsaw.

My experience here in Israel is that rules can change literally overnight. If you want to know the current guidance, you can phone the Polish embassy or one of the consulates, maybe in LA which is in your time zone.