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Has anyone visited Pultusk? My husband was born there and came to the USA when he was three and never had an interest in going back. After going to France last year he is ready to travel to other European countries and we thought it would be great to start off with a Polish adventure!

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Pultusk is just about 40 miles north of Warsaw, where several of us have been.

Poland is a lovely country with much to see. These days English is widely spoken at all of the key destinations, and the country has done a marvelous job of making its museums English-accessible.

If you get all the way north to Gdansk, you might enjoy a visit to the Emigration Museum in the nearby city of Gdynia. It's modern, and I thought the displays did a good job of communicating the emigrant experience.

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Had I had more time, ie another day, in Warsaw in 2001 for a day trip, I would have considered Pultusk as one of the two places to do a day trip.

Pultusk is the site of the Napoleonic battle where the Russians sought to continue the war.