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Prague -- pre-tour ideas.

Will be in Prague 3 days before the Eastern European Tour, commencing in the middle of June -- if I get on the correct plane. Interests mainly historical and photography, maybe street entertainment -- smaller venues. Not so much as to food and drink, although I will try to at least sample some dishes each region is known for. Old Town, Jewish Quarters has caught my interest. All recommendations appreciated, also if guides are recommended or not, please state. If you see an old bald man wondering the streets as if lost -- it could be so. Thanks in advance.

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We saw some wonderful sights in Prague. I suggest Vysehrad, south of the old town, easily reached by public transit. It has a beautiful park, castle, church and cemetery. The elevation allows for wonderful photo opportunities of Prague castle and castle hill in the distance, and the site satisfies those with an historical bent. Of interest is Dvorjak's grave and murals in the church by Prague's own painter of The Epic, which was on loan when we ere there. I can't remember the church's name, but it was the site of the WWII siege between the nazis and the Czech underground heroes who ambushed the nazis officer who was mastermind of the final solution.. Climb the hill or take the funicular to the heights overlooking Prague that has the mini Eiffel tower. This is another awesome spot for photos. The Charles Bridge is always crowded, but worth the walk. There is so much to see, enjoy! Hank, Novato, CA

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In checking the itinerary of the RS Eastern Europe tour, I'm a little surprised it doesn't focus some time in the Jewish section of Prague. With four Synagogues and a fascinating cemetery, that section of town is certainly worth at least half a day of your pre-tour time. Get a golem from one of the vendors nearby - a wonderful keepsake from Prague.
Your tour day 5 in Poland will take you to Auschwitz. It might be an interesting contrast to take a day tour to Terezin - about 45 minutes by tour bus north from Prague. This was a "demonstration camp", the Nazi used to suggest to the world their inhumanity was fictional. Worth a trip.

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We really enjoyed just wandering throughout Old Town Prague last spring, and using the RS walking tour guide. Charles Bridge provides its own entertainment. Altho not religious, exploring the Jewish Quarter was a powerful experience and definitely worthwhile. Upon conclusion, we found ourselves meandering through beautiful neighborhoods of Art Deco architecture. We took in a concert in a church around the square, [but learned one must check if the church has heat, as our feet were SO cold.] The views/photos from the top of Town Hall were great. [The Clock was under renovation.] The small Mucha Museum was worthwhile, especially after viewing the film of his life. The people were warm, friendly, and had a command of English. It took effort to figure out the local currency, altho many shops also stated a price in Euros. Safe travels!

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Can't say if these forums attract the best looking people -- but for sure the most helpful. Thanks for the responses.

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If your historical interests include war history, I would suggest the Army Military Museum in Prague.....maybe worth your time.