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Poznan to Krakow

We are visiting Poznan in May and then traveling to Krakow. It appears that direct travel options between these two cities are somewhat limited. Any recommendations on preferred options would be appreciated.

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The selection isn't huge, but I do see several direct train departures on this route, at least for travel this month, including an overnight train. The direct train certainly is the easiest way to go. If you weren't already looking at DB to find schedules, then see tips at How to Look Up Train Schedules and Routes Online.

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Have done the direct train(7 hours if I remember) from Poznan to Krakow and also did the flight through Warsaw; do the train, however, suggest you do first class and bring plenty of food and drink along with either a book or I-pad to pass the time. My Polish customers insisted I go first as second could get "unruly."

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I rented a car and drove in Poland, and although I did not travel the whole country (next time) driving was great and we had no problems.

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If you decide to break up the route, you might consider spending a night or two in Warsaw between the two cities. I was pleasantly surprised by Warsaw and really enjoyed my visit there.

By the way, I traveled 2nd class on the train without issues.

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I would suggest going to Warsaw too if you want to break up the ride, spend a couple of nights there, then take the morning train to Krakow. In 2001 after spending almost a week in Warsaw, I left in the morning, took the direct Warsaw Centralna to Krakow Glowny. It was second class, no problems, never thought of going 1st class in Poland. Then another 9.5 hrs back to Berlin after the four full days in Krakow, a lovely place. .

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Hey both good cities. Poznan much more German feel.

Best is to suck it up and ride the train for avg 7 hoursl TLK is the cheapest service. Depending on your budget you might buy a 1st class ticket as cars quality can vary at times from old to very new. Here is the train schedule link. once you enter cities you will see times and if you click as far as buy you will see price.

As someone else wrote no one said easy but is not too hard for major cities. Buy a sandwich before or can of beer. They do have coffee carts that come around and sometimes included in ticket prices.

Any questions drop me a note.