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Polish pottery and tourism in Krakow

We are heading to Krakow in 3 days for a week. Would love any tips on the best places to buy and ship home Polish pottery. My husband will be at a conference and I am free to explore. Any recommendations on things to do alone are appreciated!

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This is typical Polish pottery, you can even find it in the States (ławiec_pottery). I would think that anything you'll find in Krakow will be marked up because it's so touristy, so it may not be the most cost-effective place to buy the pottery pieces. You can see/do the same things in Krakow alone as with someone else, I would read up on what you're interested in (check out this guide: If you're there for an entire week, you'll undoubtedly see everything since it's quite compact.

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brittluck, you could probably wander the old market square, Wawel Castle, and the cloth market hall for a week. Tons of restaurants and shops selling amber jewelry and uncommon objects. Go see DaVinci's Lady with Ermine. Day trip to some of the smaller towns. Seconding Agnes' recommendation of the InYourPocket guides. You can use their site to locate restaurants and shops on a map.

There are stores in the US selling the pottery, including the one I know in Weston, Missouri. Amazon even has some. You could pick out the pieces and styles of some things you want over there, and see if you can order through a store here.

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Try looking at Dekor Art, just a quick walk from the Square in Old Town. ul. Sławkowska 11. You can check if they ship home, or tuck a few things in your carry on to take back. Compare prices in the States to see if you'd rather order online, but I suspect you'll find things much cheaper in Poland and enjoy picking through the pieces yourself.

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If you see a pottery piece that you really like I’d recommend buying it in Krakow rather than expecting to find the exact style and pattern when you return home. You might familiarize yourself with major pottery makers and prices as others have suggested to know some basics for looking for quality. Have fun in your week of comparison and exploring.

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Hi. You are probably back home by now, but just in case --
I just returned from a week in Krakow. I recommend Sklep Mila, Slawkowska 14, pl
They had lovely, authentic pottery and the women in the shop were friendly and spoke fluent English. Unfortunately, I never purchased from their store. Got busy and never had the chance to return there before I left. Krakow is wonderful and I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

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We have brought Polish pottery in Krakow and carried it home in our carryon luggage. The stores mentioned above are not expensive and they packed the pottery very well. Nothing has every broken! We priced out shipping and it was quite high, so we carried our purchases.