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Polish folkarts and handicrafts

I will be in Poland next month (Warsaw, Krakow & Przemysl). Does anyone know of stores or markets in those cities that sell Polish handicrafts? I am interested in embroidery and wycinanki (papercutting). Also, stores that might have embroidery supplies - fabric, thread and patterns.

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Look for the Cepelia store in Warsaw
Address: ul. Chmielna 8, City-Center. ("ul." means "street" in Polish)

When in Krakow, check out the Cloth Hall. The historical centers of both Warsaw and Krakow are not that big, so you shouldn't have any problems finding handicraft stores.

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The Cloth Hall in Krawkow has a wide variety. A little touristy. Can’t recall exactly what all they had. Many different booths.

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I wonder whether the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw would be a good source. I didn't have time to see it, but it's supposed to be good.

You might also check the "Shopping" section of the In Your Pocket guide to Warsaw. You can find it online.

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There is a store in Warsaw that had a wide variety of real Polish art and it was priced very well. I think they have a website like Polskiart? They were the best that I saw in either Krakow or Warsaw.

I loved the papercuts, but I also love Polish pottery. Lots of great places in Krakow.

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When I was in Krakow in Aug 2016, there was a huge arts/crafts market in the old town square. Lots of nice vendors. Not sure if that was seasonal.

In Warsaw, I second Polart in old town. Unlike most souvenir stores selling junk made in the far east, it sells authentic items that are super cute. It's a 2-storey store and on the upper floor, they have a good display of Xmas ornaments. I bought quite a few things for myself and my friends.

Polish pottery is very cute. I bought two teapots with matching heating stands. This outlet is centrally located. They wrap everything up for you and can deliver to your hotel if your purchase exceeds a certain amount.
BOLESŁAWIEC pottery outlet

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In Krakow there's a store in the glass factory across the street from the Schindler factory. It had quite a lot of inexpensive items. The building has construction going on and, at a glance, appears disused, but if you look carefully, you'll see signage outside one accessible door. The upstairs museum is not very exciting, and I didn't have a chance to see the glass-blowing demo.

The In Your Pocket guides for many of the major Polish cities (available online) have short "Shopping" sections that often include craft stores. I've found them to be worth checking out.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I am taking a duffle bag that folds up into a little pocket to bring my treasures home. Leaving tomorrow, so very excited about the trip but also dealing with my usual pre-trip anxiety, which makes it hard to concentrate, which is not good when I am trying to pack! Usually we travel for 10-14 days, but this trip is 5 cities and almost 4 weeks long.