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Night train from Kraków to Vienna

Want to go to Vienna via night train from Kraków in two weeks. Please advise. Thank you.

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My only advice is, if you have never been on a night train, just be aware that for some (many) people, there's no chance of getting any sleep at all, due to the constant motion and ear-piercing train noise, even under the most "perfect" conditions (private cabin, full pillows and blanket, no security worries, good ear plugs, etc.). All the inevitable motion and noise on a train can (and does) result in a lot of misery not just that night, but even more so over the following few days, as you stumble along in a sleep-deprived state until you eventually "catch up".

If you are a light sleeper, you are far better off getting an actual night's sleep in a hotel. If you are one of those people who can sleep even under the most challenging conditions (lucky you), then go for it. But for some of us, "night train" = "I was miserable for 1 night and the next 3 days." Tried it 3 times, in 3 different countries, results were exactly the same.

For me, never again. YMMV.

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Thanks David. Much appreciate.
Motion is not an issue for us.
Need to know about which train/site to go through and take. Also, if any switching of trains will be required.

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I gave you the website. It is a direct train Krakow to Vienna.

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Thanks again Sam. Got my reservation through your recommendation. Was very easy. Got what we wanted.

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The advantage to going by night train here is that it is direct, Krakow to Wien Hbf. You don't need to transfer.

When I take night trains, three on this last trip in May, I look for certain factors, such as arriving at least at 0500 hrs, it's direct, ie, no transferring at 2 am or something like that, other than that I have no problems at all using this option. The locals do it, why can't you.

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Locals do not take night trains. They fly cheap airlines.

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I took the night train and it was an experience. I wouldn't say it was a comfortable experience though. My best overnight experience was on a DB trip from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. Comfortable room and bed. Breakfast was served in my compartment.

Glad I took the overnight from Vienna to Kraków primarily to save money on accommodations. Not sure it was worth it.