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Money Exchange

Hi, I am going to Poland next May and I am from Canada. May I know whether I can exchange CAD to Polish Zloty? I do not need to change into Euro to exchange into Zloty? May I know how the mastercard being accepted in Poland? Some say it is very prevalently used, they can travel without any cash, some say the otherwise. I am bit of confused. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Credit cards are widely accepted everywhere in Europe, including Poland. You will probably need some local cash (Zloty for Poland) for small purchases like snacks. It is always good to have enough cash to cover meals in case the restaurant's credit card machine suddenly stops working.

Best way to get cash is from an ATM in Poland. This will give you the best rate and depending on what fees your bank charges allows you to get just what you need at the time. Verify with your bank if they allow your debit card to work in Poland and what the fees will be they will charge per transaction.

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What Mark said.

Here is Rick's page of money advice. It applies in Poland as much as in any other European country. Just read all the links, and you'll be an expert:

Just as in Canada, while it's easier than ever before to function without cash, there are situations where you need it. So, just take out a small amount from an ATM. If you need more, get more. If you don't use it all, just put it towards your last hotel bill before paying the rest with a credit card.

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The concept of Dynamic Currency Conversion is alive and well in Poland. That means you'll usually be offered the chance to pay in your native currency rather than in zloty. Do not do that! It means the merchant gets to use his preferred conversion rate, and it will cost you a lot of extra money. I think the same thing happens at ATMs in Poland, but I do not remember for sure. It's important to read ATM screens very carefully to be sure your transaction will be recorded in zloty.