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Lodging options: Dworek, Penzion, Domek, Willa...

Hello: I am looking for places to stay at in Zakopane. Some are hotels, while others are called Willa, Domek, Dworek, Apartmentny, or Penzion...the last two categories are obvious. However, what are Willa and Pod? Will there be receptions at these places? Is there no storage for luggage after check-out (which would be the case for apartments)? I usually avoid hotels, because I don't need daily cleaning and want something more quaint and cozy.

Also, is there a luggage storage facility at Zakopane main bus/train station?


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Willa, "Villa" in Polish, is a kind of a boutique hotel-resort, especially in spa towns and more rural settings. For example in Zakopane, my favorite place to stay is called Villa Belweder:

I think Domek is a small house.

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»Pod« means »below«, typically in combination with castles, city walls, hills and mountains.