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Level 4 flight warning and EU borders closed

There seems to be a loophole for not getting a refund on Cancellation. Give that the EU has closed its borders for 30 days, and I am holding Lufthansa tickets for travel between 4/14 and 4/29, I can't tell if they will refund. Most of their COVID-19 provisions seem to enforce a re-booking (limited to 2020). Their website ( includes this caveat : "However, you are not entitled to compensation as per the EU Regulation if the incident can be attributed to extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided by taking all reasonable measures. Such circumstances include, for instance, poor weather conditions, political instability, strikes, security risks, and unexpected deficiencies in flight safety." Has anyone here successfully received a refund on International travel?

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The only way you're going to find out is to contact them. Call them. It may take a while to get through to them but keep trying.

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If you don’t get anywhere with Lufthansa, will your travel insurance cover you for your losses?

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LOL Allianz is very emphatic about not covering epidemics. Only if you are at death's door, or beyond, do they actually pay off. They preempted any claims by sending out an email that focused on the policy section in question. As Nancy suggests, I think my only chance is directly with the airline, and I found a bit of support here, in the Federal DOT's consumer protection statement

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Try to call. I tried several times and finally got through the fifth time to talk to a person. Even though it didn’t show on the website all four of my flights had been canceled. I was offered the choice between a re-book or a refund.

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I was reading on a different European airline and there seemed to be two levels of payment rules. One regarded when you would get paid fare refunded and one for compensation which I took to mean when the airline had to pay extra in addition to the paid fare.

I may be wrong on this and I'm sure it will be pointed out. In which case I will delete this post.

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Lufthansa gave me a full refund (seat fees included), but they had canceled my flights. Keep checking yours daily. I never received a notice from them about the cancellations. I did have to call for the refund. Good luck!