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Lady with an Ermine

While in Krakow next month I want to see the "Lady with an Ermine" at the Muzeum Narodowe. I bought tickets online, but they are not dated and timed, on the ticket it says only "Ticket valid until the end of the exhibition". I think I read somewhere that only a small number of people are let into the room at one time, just can't remember where that was. I'm wondering what the lineup will be like. The museum opens at 10 am, wondering if we got there before opening if we would have a long wait? Has anyone who was in Krakow recently gone to see her? When time did you arrive at the museum and did you have a long wait? There's no helpful information on the museum's website.

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I don't have any useful information, but when has that ever stopped anyone from posting a response? :-)

We saw the Lady many years ago, and it was amazing. It was the first time I "got" the reason to see art in person, instead of just in books or prints. And it is probably my husband's favorite painting. We have a cheap print of it that we love and look at often. You have a real treat ahead of you.

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Maybe you saw that on TripAdvisor. One review there mentions it, but other commenters didn't. That fact that it's not mentioned on the museum site makes me think that it's not a huge deal. Pre-purchasing tickets means at least that you won't stand in a ticket-buying line.