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Krakow/Warsaw Planning Question

In April I will have 5 days to split between Krakow and Warsaw starting in Krakow. My original thought was to spend 3 full days in Krakow (1 day for Auschwitz) and 2 for the city. Train to Warsaw (arrival 12:15) for 1.5 days. I now have second thoughts and am leaning towards 4 days in Krakow (maybe a side trip to salt mine or city walking tour) and .5 days in Warsaw. Does Warsaw warrant the extra day. Thanks for your help. Dave

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Dave what are your interests? I would want to spend more than .5 days in Warsaw. There are many WWII related museums, beautiful parks and monuments, the picturesque restored Old Town area, and the walk down the Royal Way is very pleasant. It doesn't have the medieval historic charm of Kraków because it was leveled in the war, and mostly restored in modern fashion.

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Warsaw is much larger than Krakow with lots of sites spread out. You can easily walk all of Krakow in one full day. Warsaw deserves more than 1/2 day, which would be practically nothing. I would split your trip 3 days and 2 days (hopefully you have 5 full days). It sounds like you don't know what you can see in Warsaw (and you only know about Krakow), so I would do some research first.

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Thank you Agnes and Stan for replying. To answer your questions; We do have 5 full days. Our interests are in history, churches, food and the people of the areas we visit. I have done research on Warsaw and that is why I am reaching out to the well traveled RS Nation to see if Warsaw is worth the extra day or will I be better served with an extra day in Krakow.

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I also agree that you need 2 days (or the 1.5 as you mention above--I also arrived via train around 1 pm, checked in and was able to check out a big museum, and explore part of old town before dinner) in Warsaw--the old town is fun to explore, there's the excellent Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, the Royal Castle, the National Gallery and an ethnographic museum.

Krakow is very compact and easy to explore on foot--I did a 3/4 day trip to Auschwitz but not the salt mine, spent 4 days there and really loved it--Schindler's factory, Kazimierz district, Wawel Hill, etc.