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Krakow-Warsaw high speed train

I'm planning to take the new high speed EIP train from Krakow to Warsaw in mid-July, and had a couple questions about buying tickets.

According to the RickBook, the EIP trains run every hour.

Looking on, I'm confused (even with the english language version)...

First, it appears there are very few EIP departures per day - I must be reading that wrong, no?

Second, it appears that they do not start selling the advance tickets (discounted up to 30%) until just 30 days before the travel date. Really?

Am I doing something wrong there?

Thanks for setting me straight.

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Thanks, Sati. That site seems OK.

I was surprised that the advance tickets only become available 30 days out. I'll wait a few weeks longer and book then.

Four years, eh? I bet it still has that New Train Smell... :)

Thanks for the help.

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I just did a mock booking for June as a senior and it would cost me $25 to do the high speed train from Krakow to Warsaw. I was amazed at how inexpensive the buses and trains were in Poland when I was there this May.

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I was surprised that the advance tickets only become available 30 days

I realize other countries/systems let you do that but they also carry more people on their trains between certain origins and destinations. Not every place is the same. I would be surprised why someone would need to book more than 15-30 days out, isn't that plenty of time in advance?

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I would be surprised why someone would need to book more than 15-30 days out, isn't that plenty of time in advance?

Actually, 15 days, no. 30 days, yes, but just barely.

  • The trip is about 3 weeks overall. 15 days before I'll already be traveling.
  • The day I'm planning to take the train is at the end of our trip (second-to-last day). We finish our trip in Krakow, and we fly home from Warsaw, so we need to get from Krakow to Warsaw reliably (we'll take the train the day before our flight home and spend the night in Warsaw, to ensure we don't miss the flight).

In our case, the window for advance purchase tickets will open less than a week before we leave for Europe. So yes, that should give me the chance to buy the tickets, but I know how busy things get in the last few days before we head out on a trip, and I prefer to nail down everything I can, well in advance to minimize the last-minute tasks.

I've put a reminder on my calendar to buy the tickets online once they become available, and I can make it work. But it's now less than 4 weeks until I leave, so I'm currently trying to tie up loose ends.

I am fairly obsessive about trip planning details. I think that makes for a less stressful, more enjoyable trip. :)

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Train tickets in Poland are cheap by Western European standards...even with a walk-up fare, your wallet won't suffer much. They are of course pricier for locals but not for tourists from much wealthier countries. The trains on the Warsaw line are reliable, no need to worry.

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I agree the site is confusing, wrestled with this recently myself (we used it to book Gdansk-Krakow for an early May journey). Yes, only 30 days in advance is the rule. The site you reference in your original post is the one where you buy your tickets, the user experience is not great on that site but stick with it, it worked for us. (For example you toggle to English and do your search, the results are in Polish--just toggle to English again in the upper right). The site works fine, you just have to be patient with it. Trains schedules may be affected by track work near Krakow Glowny, we found that trains were fewer and much longer connections to Wroclaw for the time we traveled than when I had done my original research to validate that Krakow to Goerlitz could be done in a manageable time in one day. I would not be surprised if schedules to Warsaw were also affected by this. I think it's worth buying in advance.

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Thanks. Ticket sales for our travel date should open up in 2 days. I'm ready. :)