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Krakow to Zalipie

My sister and I would like to visit Zalipie while in Krakow next week, and we are not finding any public transportation options...surely we are overlooking somethingIf you have any suggestions as how to do so, please share.

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judithchristia, I had to look it up. It does sound worthwhile for a visit. I found this website zalipie info that has info on how to get there half way down the page. I would think it would be pretty easy to hire a driver to take you there for a day. Your hotel could probably help arrange that, if the bus & train options don't sound good to you.

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Zalipie is a teeny tiny village (population less than 800), so the public transit to get there may not be as frequent or reliable as you like (assuming there is public transit that goes to the vicinity at least and runs on some predictable schedule). I would rent a car (honestly, it's not that hard to drive in Poland except you'll need a good map for rural areas)....or, there's a gentleman named Andrew Durman (Google him) who has gotten rave reviews here as a guide based out of Krakow. He can take you to all the rural areas.

There are also some really neat wooden churches outside of Krakow worth seeing. They are on the UNESCO list. Here is a description: "Wooden Churches of Southern Lesser Poland of the UNESCO inscription are located in Binarowa, Blizne, Dębno, Haczów, Lipnica Murowana, and Sękowa".