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Krakow to Warsaw

What is the best way to get from Krakow to Warsaw? Since we have limited time, I think we need to take the train. What is the best website to use to book a train? Is there a big difference in comfort between first and second class seats? We will be travelling with our full-sized suitcases.
Thanks for your help.

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Train bookings:

The Express Intercity Premium (EIP) service is new and modern...I don't think there is a whole lot of difference between 1st and 2nd class. See what the price difference is, and then decide. I bet both options are pretty cheap.

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I went by train from Krakow to Warsaw a couple of years ago--very easy, cheap, and quite comfortable in 2nd class, just under 3 hours. Others have added the link for purchasing tickets in advance and that's what I used, the intercity website and I recall it was something like $25 US. Even in 2nd class there were refreshments offered--coffee, tea, water. Men in Poland are very well-mannered and helped me get my suitcase on and into the overhead rack, then out again. I took a taxi to Krakow Glowny and the driver asked where I was going and dropped me at the correct platform for the Warsaw train. From Warsaw Centralna I took a taxi to my hotel in the old town. Taxis at each end were cheap.

I hope you love Poland as much as I did, I'm about ready for a return trip.