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Krakow to Dombrowa

We will be traveling to Krakow and surrounds with a tour group in September (sorry, not Rick Steves - just didn't have the itinerary we wanted...:). We have two afternoons free in Krakow and would like to get to Dombrowa for a visit to the synagogue there. It is the village my husband's family came from before WWII. We think it's about a 2 hour drive each way in a car. We do not want to rent and drive ourselves. Any suggestions on a way to do that?

Thank you.

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A few years ago we did something very similar to what you propose after locating the village my wife's family had emigrated from west of Krakow. While making inquiries, we spoke with the driver at the Radisson Hotel near the Planty who informed us that he was available for hire on his off-days. Booked him with his car for the cost was about $100 as I recall.
Might also check at the Visitor Information office near the Cloth Hall - would guess that they probably have a list of bi-lingual drivers available for hire.

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If your destination is Dabrowa Tranowska, it looks like it could be useful to always use both names. Maybe it's well known locally, but other towns do have similar names. Rick's guidebook coverage of Krakow includes recommendations of a few driver/guides and also just drivers, such as Andrew at

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Thank you, Robert, for the specific ideas. Much appreciated.

Thank you, Laura, for the reminder to use the exact name - important for sure! We have been in touch with the driver that Rick Steves guidbook recommended. He may be booked already, but we'll stay in touch with him just in case. We're trying to find other ways to hire drivers or other means of transportation just in case that doesn't work out - more than one option is always a good idea when traveling!