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Krakow is Cool

Stayed in Centrum for the first half of my trip in January. It was not too bad. Close walk to the castle and good restaurants. Took a night train to Vienna and Bratislava for 3 nights in Bratislava in the city center. It was good because I had my own room on the train. Easy to sleep when you're alone. Hard to get any rest when you are with strangers and you don't speak their language. Bratislava was nice but I was ready to get back to Krakow. Took the day train back to Krakow. It was a beautiful ride through the Slovakia and Czech countrysides. A lot of stops but very nice. I recommend getting a coffee or beer in the dining car or maybe a meal. I enjoyed a couple beers and it really made the trip go by faster.
Once I returned to Krakow, I switched hotels to a place called Tournet in Kazimierz. It is designed with a cycling "Tour" theme. Loved the free breakfast and people working there. It was close to great restaurants in Kazimierz. The square in Kazimierz is really cool. Great little (low key) bars, restaurants and shops. I felt safer here than in just about any American city.
In all, I loved my trip to Poland and definitely recommend staying either in or near Kazimierz if you come here. Also, break up your trip and take the train to a nearby city in Poland or to another country but come back to Krakow, it is an amazing city.

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Thanks Charles - we will be in both Krakow & Warsaw later this year!

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I agree with your sentiments about Krakow and staying near Kazimierz. We stayed at Hotel Columbus and were very pleased. Also, I totally agree about feeling safer in Poland than in the other countries I traveled. So much to see and it is stunning.

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Thanks for the report. I love Krakow, plan to go back next year and stay at Hotel Ester.

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Yes, Krakow is cool. Very underrated as a city.

One of many pleasant surprises on RS Eastern Europe tour.

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I would say that Gdansk is underrated. Many people know that Krakow is pretty but that Gdansk (IMHO) is even prettier is known by few people.

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We toured Poland last summer and enjoyed Krakow + Gdansk + Warsaw. They were all very different, but we were glad to have time for each city.