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Krakow accom & itinerary

I am planning to arrive Crakowin May/2015 via over ngt train from Budapest, so will arrive early morning. I am planning to spend 4 ngts. Is this too much, or too little, given I will have the entire day upon arrival? I do plan to do a day trip to Auchwitz which will be an entire day, I'm sure. I am no spring chick, so don't move as fast as I did 25 yrs ago when I was 35...
Also, as I'm going solo, I need safe very central accom near the old town square-say 35 euro. Any suggestions re 4 ngts & accom?
Thx in advance to all who may answer-most appreciated!

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Hi Gail, wow you are a planner. Good if it works for you. I found Krakow absolutely lovely and would go back.
I recommand a whole day to go to Auschwitz and Birkenau. It just deserves a non rush visit and both are very different.
I think there is plenty to do for the remaining 3 days if you do not want to be rushed. Depending on your interests?

I stayed there: Wyspianski Hotel
Very affordable, helpful staff, 5 minute walk to old town, lots of tour companies bus stop at this hotel. Was budget but clean and perfect for me.

I hope you will enjoy. Bon voyage.

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Thx for your suggestion Val & your insight. Too early for the hotel-can't make inquiries just yet. As for being a planner, I was offered a week half in Vienna & half Prague that I could not turn down. Doing that & then will spend 5 ngts in BP & 4 in Crakow.
Thx again Val!

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I have krakow on my trip this year and i also have 3 full days budgeted for my to do list.

Im planning Auchwitz almost all day and have some other things planned that day too.

as far as where to stay, I just picked a spot in the west side of town but within walking distance.

happy trails.

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Oh I also wanted to add that I was travelling solo too and felt perfectly safe.
For my tour to Auchwitz and Birkenau I booked with this company:
I took the tour in French so I cannot recommend an English-speaking guide but I know they do offers tours in English.
Let us know if you have more questions later on. :)

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Rick Steves' Eastern Europe book covers all four cities in your plan and includes his recommended hotels and guest houses, such as (single with bath about $60), and a couple of cheaper options in the less-central Kazimierz neighborhood. Krakow's Tourist office also has an extensive list online:

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I Gail:
I was in Krakow two years ago (also solo) and loved it. The city is beautiful and easy to walk. I am no spring chicken either, lol.
I took an English tour to Auschwitz. I never take tours but this was so worth it. I believe the place I stayed did the booking.
Don't miss the Salt Mines, wonderful experience. The Castle was fantastic.