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Is a 50 minute connection Delta to KLM safe in Amsterdam?

I'm trying to book my flights from Spokane to Krakow. There's a flight that gets into Krakow at 11:15 am that I'd love to take. It's only an hour connection in Seattle, but that should be doable if flight is on time. The connection in AMS is just 50 minutes. Alternatively I could fly Spokane to Minneapolis (MSP). There's a longer connection time in MSP and an extra 15 minutes in AMS (1 hr, 5 min connection). I've only been through MSP once and it was a very confusing and huge airport and seems to be noted for delays. The safer flight leaves Spokane around 3 and arrives in Krakow at 5:30 pm. I'd love the have the extra half day there, but don't want to miss my flight or lose my checked bag. (Yes, I will be checking one bag. Sorry.) Any recommendations?

Also, is it safe to drink the tap water in Poland and Prague? (I have 9 nights in Poland and 4 in Prague).


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I would not book either connection that tight. SeaTac is my home airport and I look at their routing a lot. Could you fly yourself over to SeaTac early in the a.m on Horizon? Then you could take Condor on a single ticket from Seattle to Krakow. Most days they leave SeaTac at 2pm or 6pm, allowing you plenty of time to fly over. Then they connect through Frankfurt with a 3 hour connection. Much safer flights, timewise.

Check Condor's website for your travel dates and see if it all works out.

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I would not feel comfortable with connections of an hour or less, especially at AMS. (Great airport, but an hour is going to be really tight, assuming that your first flight lands on time.)

MSP is far less confusing to me than AMS, and I have been through both airports. YMMV, of course, but you'll have a much more relaxed flight if you give yourself a longer connection time in Amsterdam.

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Since both the Netherlands and Poland are part of the Schengen Area, you need to clear immigration at AMS before going on to your connecting flight. While everyone tends to be all 'Amsterdam is an easy big airport' and Delta/KLM/Air France may say 50 minutes is within the legal connection time for the tickets they sell, I'd put the sensible connection time somewhere around 90-120 minutes in case of slight flight delays or air traffic control puts you on the 'Polderbaan' runway for landing.

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Are the itinerary choices a single booking with an airline, or an assemblage of independent bookings?

If the former it looks daring and if the latter a blueprint for disaster.

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Yes, it is safe to drink tap water in Prague. Poland is a big country but in most places it is also safe.

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I agree with the earlier comments about the overly tight connections. Also, unless you've experienced overnight flights before, I'd suggest that the extra half-day in Krakow may not mean a great deal. At least for me: I'd be sleep-walking anyway. If you are one of those lucky people who sleeps pretty well on overnight flights, count yourself lucky and ignore me.

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Thank you. Sounds like I'd better take the flight that arrives at 5:30 pm. These are flights offered by Delta, not something I put together.... I like to arrive during the day and just walk around--nothing heavy. If it's a sunny day, walking through the Old Town or along the river would really help set my body clock. Then I get to sleep by 9:00. (Rick's pillow really does help me sleep--at least a bit better--on the plane.) Every trip is different sleep-wise.

In Poland I'm visiting Krakow, Czestochowa, Warsaw, Gniezno, Pozan, and Wroclaw on a tour. They always seem to tell you to drink bottled water since tap water has different things in it in different places. So far, I've never had a problem with tap water in Europe. Does anyone know if the tap water is safe in the cities other than Krakow and Warsaw?

Thanks for all your advice. I wasn't aware that I'd need to clear immigration in AMS.

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... if the tap water is safe in the cities other than Krakow and Warsaw?
I've been in a lot of places in Poland, bigger and smaller, and used the tap everywhere. You won't have any problems.

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In 2005 en route to Torun, I had to transfer trains in Poznan, which passed through Gniezno. Good that you are seeing that place too, wish I had had the time then to see the town historically.

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Of course it's safe to drink tap water. "different things in it" refers to different mineral content, not contamination or other safety aspects. Different mineral content results in different taste. Therefore many Poles only use tap water for cooking and making coffee/tea and prefer bottled water for drinking it "raw".