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How hot in July

How hot is Krakow in July? Really really hot? Kinda hot? Pleasant? I am trying to pack and am really unsure about the proper attire needed!
Thanks for the feedback!

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I see if you look online, the average high is mid 70s. I was there in July 2 years ago and it was 80s-90s every day. There was one day that was pretty miserable but the rest were doable. And night was always pleasant. My advice would be to check the weather report (or check back in here) right before you go and you will know what end of the weather spectrum to pack for. Then bring a few "just in case" pieces for the other end of the spectrum.

EDIT: By the way, I used to live in Texas too (Rockwall). If you can survive July in Denton, Poland will be a breeze!!!

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We were there in the month of June and I was comfortable with skirts with bare legs and t-shirts. Never needed a jacket, even at night. In fact I don't even recall packing one.

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I too looked online, but thought that those temps were too good to be true :) Thank you for the real-experience weather :) And the reference to Texas heat!

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Predicting the weather for there this far in advance is up there with predicting exchange rates.
You can go by the averages for the period, which you can find about anywhere online.
But these are averages. As they say, your mileage may vary.
We were there for several days 1st week in July in 2011 and it was raw, damp, chilly the whole time, never got above 60F.

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Have a great trip Nicole! My trip to Krakow was one of my favorites, despite the heat!