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High speed train?

I have read that there is a "new" high speed train in Poland, and I haven't been able to find much research on it. I'm hoping to take it from Gdansk to Warsaw and then Warsaw to Krakow. Is this possible? Thank you for any help.

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Go to the Polrail site and you will see which routes operate the new high speed trains; I checked quickly and there is one from Gdansk to Warsaw, probably another from Warsaw to Krakow.

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I just checked yesterday on Polrail for my trip in May, taking the train from Krakow to Warsaw and there is indeed a line marked "new!" that's just 2 1/2 hrs, other options are 3 hrs or more. It costs more, 142 zloty, but that's only about $37 USD. Since I want an e-ticket I'll wait to book until I'm within 30 days of travel.

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Yes, trains on those routes have been sped up. When I was there in September 2013, Gdansk to Warsaw was 5 hours with lots of stops, and Warsaw to Krakow was 3 hours with no stops (the train was not too fast, but the lack of stops made it "express."). Now, Gdansk to Warsaw is only 3 hours and Warsaw to Krakow is only 2.5 hours.

Here's advice on buying those tickets, from The Man In Seat 61: