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Help! I'm in Warsaw and forgot my camera charger. Where to find one?

Hi everyone,

Of course I didn't bring my charger and it is hard to communicate around here and find a store that might have it. It's a Nikon d3400battery charger. Any ideas?? I'd be so grateful for a suggestion



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Most of these oddball items (proprietary small electronics accessories) have moved away from brick and mortar stores and to the web, so it looks like you'll have to order one from Amazon or some other online outfit. I doubt you'll find a store that stocks these any more than you'd easily find one at home. Good luck!

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Perhaps a camera store would have a charger or a spare battery. (Or a new camera. 🙂 )

Google shows several when I searched 'Camera stores in Warsaw Poland', with camera in hand you can find a way to communicate.

Enjoy your trip!

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This happened to me in Rome a few years ago. I found a camera shop near the Pantheon and was able to purchase a GooP digital LCD universal charger GD-917 for about 30€. Can use it for charging both my Canon and Sony batteries, it lives in my suitcase and is used only when traveling. It is fairly bulky compared with my normal chargers so is less likely to be left behind when I move on.

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You might want to see if there are any large electronics or camera stores in shopping malls. The only thing I located on line for Nikon in Poland is:

Nikon Poland
ul. Łopuszańska 38 B, 02-232 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48-22-4608730

Good luck!

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I googled two specialist brick-and-mortar shops that have Nikon chargers in stock. I posted a long reply earlier, with links to the exact models on their websites and their contact details but it was deleted for some reason. One is Fotoforma, CENTRUM Metro Station, lok 2009b (in Pasaż Handlowy), the other E-Trade Foto-Studio-Elektro on Targowa 66, Pawilon 5 (close to DWORZEC WILEŃSKI Metro Station).

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The first thing I'd suggest is to ask the staff at your hotel about any nearby camera or electronics stores. The residents of Warsaw also have to buy stuff like that, so I'm sure there's a sales outlet in a large city like that. You could try....

  •, Wałbrzyska 11, 02-739 Warszawa, Poland
  • Fotoforma, plac Defilad 1/2009b, 00-110 Warszawa, Poland
  • Photo Shop ELTEC, Słupecka 4, 02-309 Warszawa, Poland
  • Saturn, Złota 59, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

It would probably be a good idea to get the hotel staff to translate the item you're looking for in Polish, so that the clerks will know exactly what you want and not try to sell you a new camera!

Good luck!