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Guided tour of Silesia

I will be in Wroclaw from Sept 29 to Oct 1st. I am considering hiring a tour guide that would take me through the Silesian Valley, the two places that I would like to spend some time in would be Ksiaz castle, Swidnica and Church of Peace, otherwise a drive by to some of the other palaces in the area would be sufficient, I think from what Ive seen of organized tours a full day would suffice. There are two people in my party. Is there a list of english speaking tour guides who would do this and if so any idea on cost?

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I don't have an answer for you, but if you are staying in a hotel in Wroclaw, the hotel might be able to arrange something for you. Trip Advisor might also turn up some names.

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I don't know about tours, but you shouldn't forget Jawor, which Church of Peace is even more impressive than its counterpart in Swidnica.

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Well, I took a quick look at Viator (a third party reseller of tours). They have lists of private guides in many places. Go here poland tour guides There are six pages and if you go through them you'll see about four located in Wroclaw. You can read their specific services and see if any sound like they might work.

Good Luck.

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Liz, we were in Wrocław last summer. Before we went I considered booking a tour like you describe and remember seeing some day options. I’m sorry that I can’t give you more details.

My priority was seeing the Peace Church In Swidnica. We took the train there, which worked ok, but there weren’t many choices and we ended up arriving rather late in Swidnica. We spent a few hours there, maybe an hour at the church, which was fantastic. We were going to take the train back, but it was cancelled, so we took a minibus back. It was a very easy day trip and with an earlier start, it would be easy to include Kasiaz.

If you decide to do it on your own, I recommend taking the minibus which is much more frequent than the train. In Wrocław, the minibus station was behind the train station (I know that’s very vague, but ask around and you will find it). Actually, the minibus station is directly behind the train station in Swidnica.

I’m sure the tours are fine, but I’m also sure you could do this on your own.

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For the OP or others who might plan a self-guided trip from Wroclaw to Świdnica, I found this schedule and pricing for the minibus that EEF mentions:

The top table shows the minibus schedule from Świdnica to Wroclaw. The 2nd table shows Wroclaw to Świdnica, leaving from ul Dawida, near the Wroclaw bus and train stations. Buses run roughly every 15-20 minutes, depending on the day, with the key to the table entries indicating whether the bus runs on weekdays (d), Sundays, holidays, etc.

The ticket from Wroclaw to Świdnica (or back) is Tariff Group G. Don't let the monthly ticket prices on the left side scare you! A single adult ticket, shown on the right side, is 8,50zl, about $2.27 at the time of this post. So round trip for less than $5.

(Monthly tickets can be purchased from the driver. The site doesn't confirm whether single tickets can be.)

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We recently returned from Poland for the second time and both times used a private guide. this is really the only way to do it. Our first trip we found Andrew Durman through rick's website. This time Andrew was previously engaged and so recommend us to Mike Kwiek with Destination Krakow. Mike goes all over Poland and took us from Warsaw to Gdansk. he travels from Germany to Poland and all over - speaks perfect English and is very knowledgeable The first trip we were just 2 of us and this time we had another friend join us. It was a wonderful time, highly recommend Mike and Andrew for any travel in Poland and the neighboring areas.