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Good site on Krakow done by a local

As much as I like the RS recommendations, I also like to find places that are not in his books.

Often I find a website created by a local with his/her recommendations for eating, places to visit, nice parks, unusual events, etc. Sometimes they are done by a native, often they are done by ex-pats who have moved the city and lived there many years. Hopefully, they are updated at least three or four times a year to reflect changes in the cities events. They usually have affinity ads to help with the cost of the site and to make some extra money.

Any recommendations for such a site about Krakow would be appreciated.

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Did you try InYourPocket guides. They are updated each season with up-to-date info. It is divided by categories. They are free on line and downloadable.

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I second InYourPocket. I used it for Poznan and it was very helpful. Some places would be touristy, and it is hard to avoid them. Another similar website is Yet, I am NOT impressed with their San Francisco rec's. In fact, they are terrible. So, check their suggestions for Seattle.

Most of the sights in Krakow, except Wawel, are inside the ring road anyway.

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For restaurants, I suggest you try Trezo (for date nights, sometimes with live music at night) and Restauracja Polakowski (a former milk bar), which is just a few steps down from Trezo.

I never had a bad meal in Krakow. Everything was delicious and affordable.

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When we were in Krakow in 2001, we didn't use any guide book to decide on restaurants. I would do likewise when I am there again. We decided on which place to eat based on our own exploration and a recommendation or two given by the hotel staff.

The Mrs planned the entire Poland trip to Warsaw and Krakow using mostly Lonely Planet and a few Polish sources.