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Gdansk suggestions

What are the best sights in Gdansk. Will be in Gdansk for one day in transit.

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You can visit the center of Gdańsk: Ulica Długa (Long Street) and Długi Targ (Long Market) with Ratusz Głównego Miasta (Main Town Hall), Dwór Artusa (Artus Court)
and Fontanna Neptuna (Neptune Fountain), Złota Brama (Golden Gate)
Bazylika Mariacka (St Mary Church),_Gda%C5%84sk
and museum in Żuraw and on the ship Sołdek
and some districs of the city, e.g. Oliwa Cathedral, ZOO and Park in Oliwa and the Monument in Westerplatte
Some websites can be useful to have a general view on the tourist information about the city:
If you have a time, you can also visit other places in Pomerania, including Sopot, Gdynia, Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście and Szczecin, my city.
Have a nice trip!

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Thank you, Michael. We will arrive on a cruise ship. What is the easiest way to get into town center?

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Last thing, here are some suggestions for getting from your boat to central Gdasnk:

By Taxi
Taxi drivers line up to meet arriving cruise ships. While I've listed the legitimate fare estimates below, many cabbies try to charge far more. Try asking several drivers until you get a quote that resembles my figures, and be sure they use the meter. Remember, taxi drivers generally accept (and give quotes in) euros--though if you have Polish złotys, they'll take those too.
To Gdynia's train station (Dworzec, DVOH-zhets): 20 zł (about €5)
To Gdańsk's Main Town: 125 zł (about €30)
To Sopot (beach resort between Gdynia and Gdańsk): 60-80 zł (about €15-20)
Many of the taxis that line up at the ship are looking for the long fare into Gdańsk and may not be willing to take you on the shorter trip to the Gdynia train station. If that's the case, walk out the port gate and look for a taxi there--but be warned that the outside-the-port cabbies are probably unregulated and more likely to overcharge.

By Public Transportation
The basic plan: From the Nabrzeże Francuskie or Nabrzeże Stanów Zjednoczonych piers, ride the shuttle bus (or public bus) into downtown Gdynia, walk up to the train station, ride the train to Gdańsk, then walk into Gdańsk's historic Main Town. The step-by-step details are outlined below (it sounds more complicated than it is).
If you're fortunate enough to arrive at the Nabrzeże Pomorskie pier, you can simply walk straight up (away from the waterfront) about 10 minutes to reach Skwer Kościuski, then skip to step 2.

  1. From the Port to Downtown Gdynia (Skwer Kościuski) The easiest option is to take your cruise line's shuttle bus into downtown (5-minute trip; given the size, gloominess, and user-unfriendliness of Gdynia's port, I'd skip walking and take the shuttle bus, even if you have to pay). The shuttle drops you off at Skwer Kościuski, in the heart of downtown Gdynia. (From here, look toward the waterfront, at the far end of the long park. You’ll see a broad pier lined with museums and other attractions, with a beach next to it--a handy place to kill a little time on the way back to your ship.) If you don't want to spring for your cruise line's shuttle bus, you could take a public bus to the train station (skipping step 2, below). Unfortunately, drivers only accept złotys, and there’s no ATM at the port--so this option works only if you change money on board your ship or happen to have złotys. From just outside the Nabrzeże Francuskie port gate, catch bus #119 (2-3/hour), #137 (2-3/hour), or #147 (sparse frequency). Bus #119 and bus #147 also stop just outside the Nabrzeże Stanów Zjednoczonych port gate.
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To help you around Gdansk, locate the sights, accomodation, etc, I heartily suggest Rough Guide Poland, found it more than satisfactory with its information. If time permits, most likely not. I suggest seeing Westerplatte, if you're interested in WW II. If not, then I suggest seeing mainly the former "Old City."

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Four of us negotiated with a taxi driver for the day. We first went out to Malbork castle (about a 45 minute drive) which was the capital of the Tuetonic Knights when they were crusading against the pagan Lithuanians. After that, he took us to the town center to look around.

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