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Favorite destination in Poland?

Let's kick-start this new conversation space! What's your favorite destination in Poland and why?

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The town of Sandomierz is a favorite destination for Poles, between Warsaw and Krakow. Very charming and not overwhelmingly touristy.

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Good question. Everyone knows about Krakow so will not talk on that. I think one of the overlooked interesting cities is Wroclow in western Poland. . This town has changed hands over the years and has a German feel as a former German city. Wroclaw has a great big town square and and small island full of churches. It is also within easy distance of Prague and acts as a gateway to southern Europe. Give it a look if you have time.

Now my favorite destination in Warsaw where I have lived on and off since 2011 are its parks. My favorite park to sit or walk is Ujazdów Park. It is a fenced park so closed at night and well kept up... nice pond... walking trail... benches and if you have kids playground. Often it gets overlooked by the larger and more famous Łazienki Park . Of course in Warsaw catch the Old City, Jewish Ghetto and Uprising Museum.

Any questions about Warsaw or Poland feel free to drop me a post.

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A very tough question to pin point an answer. I've liked all the cities and small towns I have been to in Poland either as day trip where I spent the afternoon or a city where I stayed almost a week. Walking around in Warsaw, Malbork, Torun, Krakow, Gdansk, and Chelmno (near Torun) were just interesting but also captivating. Bottom line, is that I wish that my stays in 2001, 2003 and 2005 had been a few days longer. Seeing the train stations, where I had to transfer and had some lay over time, in Poznan and Szczecin was even interesting. I am sure that after a decade they are even more so.

Return trips to Poland are in the making, I have itineraries already in mind: back to Warsaw, the lower Vistula area, a top priority, to small towns like Gniew, etc., also Wroclaw, the Silesian towns of Katowice and Pszczyna, and Poznan.

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I am a Pole and live in Szczecin, NW part of Poland in the seaside area, a capital of region called Western Pomerania. This is also good destination for a few days trip. You can find some hotels in the city center as Radisson Blu in the skyscraper named PAZIM or cosy and small Park Hotel near PAZIM. There is also a hotel on the river 'Bończa', in Szczecin-Dąbie, the eastern part of the city. Except hotels Szczecin has many interesting places of nature and culture, for instance The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, National Museum, Summer Theater, Roses Garden and Ładoga Restaurant on the Oder River. In the area - among others Szczecin Landscape Park, Szczecin Lagoon, Jasienica Abbey in Police, Świdwie Reserve near Police, The Old Town of Nowe Warpno, Festival of Slavs and Vikings, Regional Museum and Open Air Museum in Wolin, Międzyzdroje - a seaside resort known as 'The Pearl of the Baltic' and attractions of Świnoujście - a town situated on 44 islands, for example the lighthouse, The Eastern Fort and nature reserve Karsiborska Kępa. There is "Solidarity" Szczecin–Goleniów Airport between Szczecin and Świnoujście, harbour in Świnoujście with ferries to Ystad in Sweden, a hydrofoil from Świnoujście through Trzebież to Szczecin and train connections e.g. from Warsaw, Gdańsk, Olsztyn, Białystok, Poznań, Cracow, Lublin, Wrocław, Łódź or German capital Berlin (Berlin Hauptbahnhof or Berlin Gesundbrunnen) or Lübeck.
If you have some free time, you can take into consideration many places in Poland.
Good trip!

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In 2003 I arrived in Szczecin at the main train station to change trains for Gdansk, only saw what I could see from the platform bridges of the city. Good ferry connections from Gdynia and Swinoujscie...very handy. Yes, a day trip from Berlin Hbf can easily be done in Szczecin.