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Excellent Local Guides In Warsaw

This past September I was in Warsaw for a total of six days, and on two of those days (on separate days) I hired two local guides who I feel are absolutely excellent, Monika Oleśko and Ula Modzelewska.

On one day I hired local guide Monika Oleśko. Monika is highly recommended by Rick Steves, and after spending a day with Monika I could easily see why. Monika guided me around the main sites of the Old Town and New Town (the Old Town Square, the Mermaid Statue, Castle Square), and the Royal Route and Nowy Swiat. Monika also showed me around a number of sites off the main tourist trail. One site we visited was a former department store done up in the Art Nouveau style (with some impressive stained glass windows). We also visited the Palace of Science and Culture, and across the way we also visited a small, unique museum that houses old-fashioned photos in a rotating carousel. A little later we both took the tram south of the main boulevard across from the Palace of Science and Culture and Monika showed and explained to me various buildings and reliefs done up in the Socialist Realist style - I was able to see that aspect of Warsaw thanks to Monika. We then ended our day by visiting a small but very interesting museum about the Gestapo (which is housed in the former Gestapo headquarters).

Along with explaining the sights and various things in great detail Monika is a very friendly, easy-going, engaging person with a great sense of humor. And when she would explain things Monika would never over-inundate me with too much information, she would always describe things in an engaging, friendly manner. And Monika is very flexible in adjusting on what you want to see and do with your itinerary. I highly recommend hiring Monika as a local guide, here's the link to her website (where her tours, prices and contact details are listed)...

Another day I hired local guide Ula Modzelewska to show me around the Praga District, an up-and-coming district east of the Wisła (Vistula) River. Ula brought me to a few interesting museums (the Life Under Communism Museum, the Neon Museum, the Praga District Museum), interesting museums that I had not known about until Ula told me about them. I'm so glad Ula brought me to those museums. Ula also pointed out to me numerous building-sized murals which are very unique, detailed and quite impressive (Warsaw is known for large, building-sized murals in numerous areas of the city). Ula also brought me to various streets in the Praga District which have numerous inner courtyards (and many have small, intimate shrines). Ula also brought me to the grounds of a former vodka distillery that now houses various food and craft vendors. Ula also brought me to both a notable Catholic Church and a Orthodox Church in the district. We also stopped by a local milk bar and a unique, funky café with quite a bit of character.

As with Monika, Ula is also very friendly, easy-going and engaging, with a very nice sense of humor. And like Monika, Ula is also very flexible - she can adjust your itinerary in any way that works best for you. I also highly recommend hiring Ula, here's the link to her website (where her tours, prices and contact details are listed)...

Exploring Warsaw with both Monika and Ula was exploring Warsaw with two excellent local guides, and it was also like spending the days exploring Warsaw with two local friends.

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