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Driving in Poland, rule help

We are renting a car to drive through the south. The one rule that is different than in the US is the yield to driviers on the right. I cannot find more info on this on than this basic rule.

My question is if I am driving on a motorway or expressway and there is an unmarked intersection of a small side road, do I slow down and yield to them? Also, getting off of a freeway, and turning right, do I have the right of way to the oncoming straight away traffic? Is there a sign that tells me to yield, or do I automatically assume that all traffic on my right has the right of way, other than at traffic signals? Thank you for clarification.

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Priority from the right is common in Europe, but not in the UK. It applies when neither road has a "give way" sign or road markings. It is mostly in towns and small back roads where it is not worth putting up road signs.
There will not be any unmarked intersections on a motorway, if there were it wouldn't be a motorway. To be classified as a motorway, the road has to meet certain standards, including all traffic entering and exiting be signposted slip roads.

On other main roads, incoming side roads will also have "give way signs". If you see this "yellow diamond" sign, it means you are on a priority road and all incoming side roads have to give way to you. If you see this sign, you are no longer on a priority road and you must give way from the right. You will often see the "end of priority" sign when you enter a town, and the priority sign again when you leave it.

This page has a good overview of road signs in Europe.