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Driving in Poland

I am considering a trip to Poland in May. On my previous trips to Germany, the Czech Republic, and France I have always rented a car so that I could get off the beaten path. Also, I feel like its less expensive in the long run since 3 of us always travel together. No problems on these previous trips with the car or driving. We take a GPS.
I haven't driven in Poland, so I would be interested in info from those who have.


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I have driven in many countries of Europe, but in Poland I only happened to take trains and our Rick Steves' tour bus. I would say that the driving experience is pretty standard in western and central Europe; the signage is the same. Considering your previous driving experience, I would not hesitate to drive in Poland. If you just want to connect the larger cities, then train service between them has become faster in the past several years.

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First, I've never driven in Poland either, only used the train and the bus. If your itinerary is mostly in the north of Poland, having a car is an absolute advantage. I would do the same. You'll have the flexibility to see the villages/towns in the lower Vistula region, say from Torun to Gdansk or the Baltic following the river....very interesting as regards to the geography, landscape and history.