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Driving across border from Poland

Next year we are planning to visit Poland and plan on renting car.

Would anyone know if you are allowed to cross borders like Czechia or Germany for a day trip with rental car

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Just a thought now. looked on line we couldn't find information.. Hoping someone will know from personal experience.

Last year when we rented a car in France we had no issues driving into Switzerland or Black Forest area of Germany

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When you say you had no issues, does that mean you told the agency you were traveling into other countries and they said okay? The issues develop if you are involved in an accident in another country. Your CDW insurance, etc. might be invalid and you would be responsible for all the costs. If it is a USA company like Hertz, Avis, etc., I would call their 800-Number and verify where you are renting and where you will be traveling. I would look for toll free numbers for European agencies as well or email them. You can always train or bus into neighboring countries for the day if you can't drive.

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Call/email the car agency for information.
When I rented a car 5 years ago there were countries I could not go and I think they were primarily old soviet block countries and maybe Italy (I'm not sure about Italy).

I rented in Czechia and drove to Germany and Austria. Have fun

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Look at the rental car contract (Mietsvertrag) if taking the rental into Poland is permitted. I say this because 20-25 years ago, that wasn't permitted.

The saying was if it gets clipped, it is already in Poland..."gerade gestohlen, schon in Polen."

That was then, which may no longer be the case anymore. Check with the car agency. I've been in a car having a German license plate in Poland, the last time a couple of years ago, but it was a personal car, just crossed the Oder River bridges.

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Contact the car rental agency and ask them.

Nobody here knows, and even if someone here shared their experience, that means nothing.

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The policy could easily vary by rental-car company, and for any given company it could have changed recently. The only reliable answer will come from the company you want to rent from.

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It all depends on the agency, that you rented car from. It is not illegal to cross the border with rented car, but it may be forbiden by the terms of use given to you by agency.

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Hi, you should definitely inform the rental agency that you're planning on travelling abroad. It should be no problem, as all those countries belong to EU and no passport is required to cross the border, but it's better to confirm with the agency that there won't be any issues with insurance in case of accident abroad.
Also, please keep in mind that fines are much higher in Czechia and Germany than in Poland.
Have a nice trip and if you wish to get to know some more great places in Poland, check out this post:

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In 2015, I rented a car at Krakow airport for 2 weeks. I drove it across the Polish/Czech border and went to Prague. I don't recall the rental contract details, but I believe that I informed the car rental company I would drive to Prague. As far as the border is concerned, there was no govt. border crossing infrastructure there. I didn't even know when I crossed the invisible border.

On a side note, driving on the main highways in Czech Republic requires a fee. I saw a puzzling sign that I didn't understand. Later, a police car pulled me over. The cop spoke some English. He saw the puzzlement on my face, knew I didn't understand the fee requirement, and only gave me a warning to go into the gas station and pay the fee.