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DIY Food Tour in Krakow

Greetings all,

I will be headed to Krakow from 4.12.19 to 11.12.19. While I plan to take one guided food tour, I would also like to get input from some of you. I am hoping you can recommend your favorite foods, food-focused shops (cheese, chocolate, etc), coffee places, street markets, casual restaurants, things to make sure to try at the Christmas markets, etc., so I may create my own little food tour. One caveat - I don't eat seafood.

I will be traveling alone, and budget isn't much of a concern.

Thank you in advance!


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Definitely eat at a milk bar. There is one on the Royal Way which was great. I don’t know if the Blue Van is still around in the winter, but google them. Only sell kielbasa but it is fantastic. We also ate at Miod Malina, also in the Royal way and in rick’s Book. Very good. We also booked a dinner through We ate at a lovely Polish woman’s apt with a few other people from Korea and England. Not expensive.

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E. Wedel Chocolate Lounge on the main square - I've only been to the one in Warsaw, but it's definitely a hit! These chocolates are very well-known in Poland, plus you can also try all kinds of chocolate drinks (Yum!)

Also, try the Polish donuts called "pączki". There is a place called Stara Pączkarnia in Krakow, so check it out.

If you imbibe, then you have to try the Polish vodkas too (perfect for winter!) I don't know the names of the bars offhand, but look in the In Your Pocket Krakow guide.

You'll see a lot of things in the Cloth Hall and main square (Rynek) - Krakow is very compact. Are you planning on going anywhere else? A week (or slightly less) is plenty in Krakow.

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Thank you both!

Agnes - I'm starting with a week in Prague, and then heading to Krakow. From Krakow, I do plan to visit Auschwitz. I have not made any other plans, but am open to suggestions.

I never get bored in Europe, and like to spend more time per city than some folks. Just helps me really enjoy the new place and not feel rushed. :)

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Hi Stacy,
See things to do near Krakow:
- Wieliczka Salt Mine
- Nowa Huta (suburb with Socialist Realist architecture - there are some fun Communist-themed tours that go there)
- Zakopane (mountain resort - you don't need a car; buses go there)
- Częstochowa (Catholic monastery with the Black Madonna)
- Warsaw is also a train ride away - great indoor stuff (several very good museums)

Some more eating ideas:

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I second Agnes' recommendation to try the paçzki. If you want a change from Polish food, try Antler Poutine and Burger, 8 Wislna, we felt right at home since all the burgers are named after Canadian cities. We also had a delicious dinner at Kogel Mogel, 12 Sienna.

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One of my favorite restaurants in Kraków is called Balaton, right on the main thoroughfare, it's a venerable establishment serving the best Hungarian food outside of Hungary, for many years, a true Kraków classic.

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I did the food tour with Delicious Poland- it was absolutely fantastic- they cover most of the traditional Polish food as well as some drinks. They also provided a map with restaurants&bars recommendations which was helpful.

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A food-focused shop we visited in the old market area was Krakowski Kredens. Not only deli meats and sausages, but jams, honey, coffee, chocolate, etc. They also served a pork sandwich which you can get at a sidewalk window. We especially liked the raspberry honey we brought home as a souvenir.

If you download the InYourPocket guide to Krakow, you'll see a ton of restaurants and their descriptions and maps, or browse the website: Krakow guide

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It has been a few years, but I enjoyed the milk bar Polskie Smaki ( which was slightly more upscale than an old school milk bar. Delicious dumplings. I also had a great meal at Morskie Oko ( - the potato pancake with goulash on top was fantastic.

I'm like a broken record on this recommendation, but I loved my Crazy Guides tour ( of Nowa Huta. A once in a lifetime very memorable experience (bundle up in winter, the Trabants don't have great heat!)