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Delicious Food Tour with Eat Warsaw & Kraków

I had a wonderful and memorable three week vacation in Poland last month (one of the best and most memorable trips I've done), and one of the many highlights of my trip was a delicious, and extremely hearty and filling, food tour in Kraków I took one day. The tour company is called Eat Warsaw & Kraków, and they operate food and vodka tours in both Kraków and Warsaw.

The food tour I went on in Kraków lasted over four hours, and we first had zapiekanki (the traditional street food of an open-faced baguette topped with cheese, onions, bits of meat and spicy ketchup) at Plac Nowy in Kazimierz. In Kazimierz we also had various Polish soups in one restaurant. From there our guide Halina brought us to a local market, where we were able to buy local fruits. We then proceeded to various restaurants in and around the Old Town, where we had many Polish dishes - ranging from bread with lard to duck blood soup to various herring dishes to traditional cheeses and meat dishes, and we also had a shot of vodka to top it off. We ended the food tour with traditional Polish crème cake at a historic café in the Old Town.

The food we had on this tour was absolutely delicious. And I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up enjoying lard (for my entire three weeks in Poland I always had lard with bread) and oscypek (the cheese made from unpasteurized sheep's milk). What also made the food tour memorable was our guide Halina. Halina explained each dish, she explained why certain dishes are made and cooked the way they are, and she also explained the historical and cultural significance of certain dishes. I'm very impressed with Halina's knowledge of Polish cuisine, I learned so much about Polish cuisine from her.

If you decide to take a food tour (and/or a vodka tour) when you're in Kraków and Warsaw, I'd highly recommend taking a tour with Eat Warsaw & Kraków, and when you're in Kraków I'd highly recommend Halina as your guide. Here's the company's link, where you can see their prices and the other guides...

Smacznego! (which is Polish for "Bon appetit")

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Sounds great! Thank you for sharing. Could you describe the other highlights of your trip for us?

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Yes, the food tour in Kraków was just so hearty, filling and delicious. It was practically an all-day feast!

The rest of my three week vacation in Poland was just as memorable and wonderful. I was in Kraków for seven days, and those days were just so memorable. While in Kraków I took day trips to Auschwitz and Birkenau, and another day I visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine. I also spent a good amount of time in Warsaw and Gdańsk, and around two days in Toruń. While in Gdańsk I took day trips to Malbork Castle and Sopot and Gdynia. Each city, each place I visited and spent time in were just so memorable.

In each place I visited I also hired local private guides, and the private guides helped to enhance the experience in each place. Being shown around by these local guides, spending days with these local guides, were just like being shown around and spending time with local friends.

I highly recommend the local guides I had, and I'll talk about these local guides in my upcoming posts in this travel forum for Poland. Stay tuned! :-)

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Thanks, Ernesto. I can't wait for the next installment. I'm planning a trip including Warsaw and Krakow.

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I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful trip and I look forward to reading more details--my trip to Poland in May is still very fresh in my mind and it's definitely a country I plan to re-visit, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Ernesto, did you by any chance try less traditional foods in Krakow? If so, which were your favorite? I'm Polish but won't eat traditional Polish food, despite growing up with it (I've been a pescaterian for over 25 years now). After growing up in communist times where there was food rationing, I'm really excited about the availability and influence of other food on Polish cuisine (Krakow has a solid variety of restaurants and neat coffee shops serving all kinds of food). There's only so much sausage and pierogi one can eat, right? Did you try gołąbki (stuffed cabbage rolls)?

I'm also really curious how one fills an entire week in Krakow since it's so compact. Let's take away one day for Auschwitz and another for Wieliczka and two more for touring the Old Town..that still leaves three more days. How did you spend them? Did you make it out to Zakopane?

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Hi Chani,

When are you planning your trip to Poland? I have a number of places in Warsaw and Kraków that I'd recommend. And if you're considering hiring a local private guide, I hired a few in both Warsaw and Kraków. I'll talk about my recommendations of local private guides in this forum soon.

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Hi Christa,

I've read your posts about your visit to Poland this past May, and yes, I absolutely agree with you. Poland is such an amazing and wonderful country. I would love to travel to Poland again! I'll have to say that of the overseas trips I've taken, my visit to Poland last month was one of the most wonderful and memorable trips I've ever taken. :-)

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Hi Agnes,

The only time I had a different kind of cuisine was when I was in Gdańsk, when I had a delicious pizza at an Italian restaurant near the western end of Długi Targ (Long Market), close to Złota Brama (Golden Gate). The rest of my time in Poland I intentionally concentrated on Polish cuisine because I had always wanted to try Polish cuisine. And I feel Polish cuisine is absolutely delicious. I also enjoyed gołąbki as well.

As to how I was able to spread my time in Kraków to seven days, outside of the day trips I intentionally took my time exploring Kraków. One day I went on the food tour that I described at the beginning of this thread (and that food tour lasted a good portion of the day). On another day I spent a day exploring Kazimierz, parts of Podgórze and the Oskar Schindler Factory Museum. And on another day I took my time visiting the Underground Museum at Rynek Główny (the Main Square), which I feel is an excellent museum. And after my time visiting the Underground Museum I did some souvenir shopping and lounged around a few cafes.

I did not visit Zakopane because even though I know Zakopane can be done as a day trip from Kraków, I felt the day trip would have been too long for me. I tried my best not to rush thing during my holiday in Poland. And I wanted to try and spend as much time in Kraków as I could, and I feel I did. :-)

I figure if or when I return to Poland (hopefully when I return to Poland!) I can spend a few days relaxing in Zakopane, and possibly visit Poznań and Wrocław as well.