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Day trip to Poznan?

We are considering a day trip from Berlin to Poznan next month. Train tickets are cheap, and there's always the temptation to visit another country when it's so close. To those of you who have been to Poznan, do you think it's worth the roughly 6-hour roundtrip train ride? Can anyone offer their recommendations of things to see/do/eat/drink? Are there any good guidebooks/other information sources out there? Thanks, as always!

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Yes, that's always the temptation where a relative short distance is involved. In that case, I would suggest going to Frankfurt an der Oder from Berlin Hbf, walk to the Oder bridges, and cross into Poland to see that town. The Oder cuts through (formerly) Frankfurt an der Oder, east of the river is the Polish town, no border checks at all, no border personnel. I saw this in 2011. This is not to say that Poznan is not worth a visit, which it definitely is.

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Guys, I've been to Poznan several times on business, however, if you want to go somewhere, go to Klon-it's got more to see, more to do, and is absolutely spectacular compared to Poznan. Yo won't be disappointed.

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Poznan is the most worthwhile place in Western Poland, since the city was always Polish and thus wasn't neglected like the rest of the region after WW2. IMHO the cathedral and town hall alone justify the 6 hours on the train. There is also the mighty Imperial castle from the short time when the city was German. And the old town is nice. So, if you are interested in Polish history and art see Poznan.
If you only want to set your foot on Polish soil you can visit Frankfurt/Oder, which was completely destroyed in WW2, just like the suburbs on the eastern side of the Oder, which are now Polish.

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Poznan good choice. There are some interesting things to see from WWII grave yards (buried executed soldiers from famous Great Escape) and a military museum. To as said nice old town. There are also historic churches. You can find this all in guide books.

My suggestion is you grab a hostel or cheap hotel. That is a lot of train riding and you will enjoy your time more not being so rushed.